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Thursday, 7 August 2008

How people see me...

I'm having a bit of trouble with my memory lately. Just the recalling function though as I've been confusing when the things I remembered happened. I suspect it might be due to the random and useless visions of the future(I've actually dreamt of passing by a poster for the last harry potter novel two years before it came out and I actually experienced that event in real life) that I see from time to time. It happened to me multiple times on a few individual days in the past week and now I'm confused when things happened even though I'm remembering the events perfectly and my internal clock working flawlessly( I actually wake minutes before my alarm activates every morning).

Well anyway on to the main thing. Recently I've been told by a friend that my face is actually somewhat scary. She heard from another one of my friends about me scaring off some people when i made eye contact with them at the mall weeks ago. I found that pretty damn funny and it got funnier when I tapped my friend on the shoulder and stared him in the eye. Sure enough he turned his head with an anxious look when he realized all i was doing was staring at him. It would explain why some people seem nervous in front of me even though I just put on a bored face because smiling hurts my jaws.

Although, if i did smile more frequently people would probably be a bit more afraid as my normal smile has only one side of my mouth raised making it look more like a smirk. My cousin who is under the alias of Kuris Khun on my cousins' blog actually once told me to stop doing that when I smile because it makes me look evil. When I grinned at him for saying that he got worried that I was up to something and therefore that makes my grins look somewhat demented.

Oh, how I do enjoy scaring people so~

Well it does explain why people get annoyed at me for using logic to ruthlessly slam down their arguements. It's most likely that they thought I was being condescending when I was just explaining the faults in their opinions. I know several people who just won't accept the reasoning I give them and just keep trying to reinforce their own ideas by repeating the points of the idea in different ways. The digusted looks I saw on some their faces really brightened up my mornings and whenever I do it to one particular classmate who seems to be trying to get me to admit defeat in an arguement lately, he does thing where he tries to block out my voice by blocking his ears and saying sounds, I always have fun with that. Good thing we weren't debating philosophy as he wouldn't have just lost in that, he would most likely become terribbly depressed to the point of a break down as I'm certain that he's not one that can handle the absolute reasoning behind my conclusions on certain topics, most people aren't.

On a side note, I recently took a personality test that said my personality was the same as Albert Einstein. Guess some of you guys get to say that you were right about that at least.

Here's the link:

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