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Saturday, 9 August 2008


A few days ago, my friend told me about this dream where he saw the Kingdom Hearts, Naruto and Disgaea worlds combine into one. He said it was cool and weird at the same time but I didn't bother asking for the details.

Anyway we then started talking about dreams and was saying how that the dream he saw was the weirdest one he ever had. I then told him about some of my dreams and then he just told me that my dreams are way too weird.

I knew that my thoughts and ideas wouldn't be easy for them to take in, but for my dreams to be so weird that it exceeds the weirdest he had. I can understand if he said that about the recurring dreams I had and the ones I had when I was seven or so but he said that to me after I told him about my dream where an avalanche of tennis balls were coming out of the classrooms of my former ugama school. Even then I didn't go on to tell him that it got weirder than that when I ran away from them only to find a barn opposite the school where I saw a cow hanging from the ceiling inside of the barn. The cow then fell to the ground when the rope snapped and for some reason tennis balls started coming out of nowhere from that huge barn window thing. I Can't remember what happened after that but I'm sure it involved a well somehow. What I find weird about this dream is that I never even played tennis before having this dream.

Years ago, in form three, I remember talking to these two girls about the ghost incident that happened in a particular building in the school a few days before. Two minutes into the conversation, I told them about a recurring dream that I had when I was seven.

It went like this:

I was lying down in my bed asleep at night. But, I wasn't seeing from my own eyes as I was looking at myself. Every was incredibly dark and silent. My bed at my old house was right under a window covered by a peach curtain. I saw my sleeping face facing me arms wrapped around a pillow and sleeping on my side looking to be at peace with everything. I was staring like that until I realized that there was hand dark green long thin and claw-like hand hovering over my face.

My line of sight tilted upwards and I saw, right there sitting on the windowsill a devil like creature. Very dark green fur all over its body and scaly dark green wings tucked behind it's back. It had green pen lengthed bony horns potruding out of its head and incredibly huge red orbs for eyes. It had no mouth and nostrils or ears but it was breathing like a normal human would as its chest was expanding and relaxing slowly. The eyes covered at least 2/5 of it's entire head and they were bulgy like a fly's but were oblong diagonally and glowing a soft red light that got more instense towards the middle.

I calmly looked at it as it stroked the air above my hand in a circlar pattern as it looked down at me. As always, I wondered why I hadn't noticed it when it was right there in front of me. At that point it stopped stroking the air above my head. It slowly rested it's hand on my hair for a brief moment before retracting it back behind it's wing. It slowly lifted it's head and we made eye contact. Its posture made it look like it was going to leave soon but all it did was stare into my eyes until the end of the dream.

After I told them about it, both of them looked a lot more spooked about it than they did when we talked about the ghost thing. I asked them why they looked like that and they both asked me why wasn't I scared about dreaming something like that. I told them I just wasn't and that it never really did anything to me except watch me.

Honestly I do understand at how that would be scary but I just wasn't scared of that dream. It just seemed normal to me at that time and when I think about it, I always had this odd feeling that something was watching me whenever I was inside my house when I was little. After that they just said that I was too weird to be normal.

I really do wonder about myself sometimes. I don't get scared that easily and I don't really have any fears towards the things in this world or on the other side. I wonder what that guy would have said if I told him about this particular dream...

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