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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Back Pains

Since last thursday, I've been plagued with back pains. Actually just around my waist area near my left kidney. It hurt whenever i bent down or kick off with my left leg.Thankfully it finally recovered after I started making sure not to move around in my sleep.

I asked around about that since I was wondering why it was feeling like that. I could tell that it wasn't a spinal injury but i was still worried about that possibility. Fortunately one of my friends told me he once felt the same thing when he overdid it doing sit-ups. The source of my pain came from the combined strained of wearing ankle weights all day + my schoolbags + my parkour practice + landing in a squat for all my jumps.

I imagine that my back will be much stronger thanks to this experience and hence will better prepare me for December. While I haven't made much progress with flipping, I am happy to say that I can stick to the wall long enough for me to do stuff like throwing projectiles and look around. When I realized that I was doing the same thing as the ninja from shinobido, I considered the feasibility of those fighting techniques from that game.

Aside from that I still need to find a dark fabric that's durable enough for what I'm going to do. A ninja outfit is necessary for this and I feel that it'll only improve my already impressive stealth capabilities. Unless of course I'm wearing it during the day.

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