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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Stealth Level UP

People have known me to be evil when it came to tricks. I don’t mean stuff like making someone say that they drink soup with a fork or flicking them on the head after making them look down. I do those as well but they just aren’t as much fun as making people scream, tricking them into going to the wrong toilet or even switching out oreo cream with toothpaste.

After I do stuff like I tend to laugh out loud at the reactions I get. Particularly making girls scream. Guys don’t scream as much but they still give out amusing enough reactions. According to the many people who’ve heard my after-pranking laughs, it sounds incredibly evil and my smiles at those times creep quite a few of them out.

My normal laugh doesn’t sound quite as evil and it’s more of a chuckle than a laugh. When I find things to be funny enough to laugh I give out a very suspicious sounding chuckle. Combine that with my ability to put a poker face at such occasions and the result is that the alert level in my friends’ minds will go up two levels just in case I’m up to something.

LUCKILY for me but not them, most of my cousins are girls so when we gather at our grandpa’s house I always make sure to have fun with them. Fun for me that is, they don’t seem to enjoy my tricks as much as I do. That goes especially for the oldest girl in our generation since I really enjoy her reactions.

Anyway that brings me to what I wanted to write about today. The oldest girl in our generation is the easiest to trick. The most common trick I use on her is my ability to sneak up on people.

Whether I’m right next to her or I’m just waiting for her to turn around, she always gives me the same startled face and one step back combination when she finally realizes I’m there. Most of the time, her reactions include a small shriek and her pressing her hand to her heart looking as if she had a heart attack. After about going through that at least three times in a day, she starts trying to hit me as punishment for sneaking up on her, even when I wasn’t trying to.

A few days ago, there was this function at one of my cousin’s house. She just came back from the United Kingdom so I figured that she just hadn’t readjusted to my ways but back then she was aware enough to catch onto me sneaking up. But that day, she was just as easy to sneak up on as the oldest girl.

At least that’s what I thought the reason was – until today. I realized something that I was doing something that I wasn’t able to do before while I was on my way to the toilet.

I was running without making a noise.

How do I know that?

1) I was running on a metal bridge between buildings, which makes more noise than cement does thanks to the space in between parts.

2) People normally look behind if they here someone running towards them.

3) I heard the girls behind me shriek when I ran past them.

Judging from the fact that they should have heard me coming and that I wasn’t running particularly fast, I’d have to say that I wasn’t making any sounds loud enough for them to hear. After I ran past them and tried listening for my own footsteps, I confirmed that I couldn’t hear them.

After years of conditioning my walk to be silent and quick, it finally paid off with this morning with an upgrade. Those years carrying a heavy bag not only kept me fit, they also gave my ankles and toes enough power to boost my balance and jumping ability to the point where I can run silently. To hell with that idea of running on wet tissues without breaking them! My way is SO much easier.

Those of you who know me better watch out. I am going to have a lot fun with this. [Insert Evil Laugh Here]


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  2. mustard,get a tagboard! and stay away from me from now on, sneak-er. i don't wanna die of shock just


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