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Saturday, 5 July 2008


Lately, I've found myself taking more and more pictures with my phone.

Lots of pictures.

Pictures of people.

Pictures of objects.

Pictures of places.

And because of that, I remembered that I used to love taking pictures when I was younger back when digital cameras didn't exist. It was a hobby of mine that i really loved. My parents even bought me three different cameras.

The first camera was a polaroid camera that developed the film a few seconds after taking the picture. The film was really small and had a sticky surface on its backside so i could stick in anywhere i wanted to. My second and third cameras were the old manual film types. I got my second one in singapore but i don't remember where i got the third.

Back then photography was a an expensive hobby. Especially with polaroid cameras. Twelve bucks for twelve strips of film was really annoying deal. My pictures also usually turned blurry whenever i took them on the go. Good thing digital cameras have that antiblur feature.

I guess i must have changed a lot to have forgotten that I loved taking pictures. I still do by the way but now i don't just take pictures of things i rarely see. I take pictures of anything i want to see again. Although... compared to back then I also take pictures for blackmail purposes as well. Not that I actually use them though.

Hopefully my friend in the picture up there won't find it spread across the internet but I couldn't resist putting it up there. It's a really funny picture of the guy.

That's it for now, see ya later.

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