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Thursday, 24 July 2008

1st Week Progress

About a week's passed since I started training and I can already see some results.

Just one week before, I couldn't even touch the ceiling in my room no matter how much I jumped but now I can easily touch it just jumping straight up. I can press half my palm on it and that's just over 3 meters high.

For kicking off walls, I can manage to kick off four times before I start to fall and thanks to that I can now spin while "standing" on that wall. Even one of my friends was amazed that I managed to "stand" almost horizontally on the wall 5 feet off the ground.

I have no problems climbing a wall. Right now, the highest one I've ever climbed is about the same height as my ceiling. But I'm pretty sure that I can climb much higher ones.

As for how high I can jump off the ground, it's just at a average person's shoulder level if I tuck in my legs.

Right now, my main concern are flips. When I ever run up a wall and kick I get this urge to push all the way for a flip but that's pretty damn scary considering that I haven't figured out how to do a front and back flip normally.

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