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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Visitng the New Plot and Leaving a New Form

I'm back from visiting the new plot of land that my grandpa got back from the government and surprisingly enough it's located no less than a good half minute sprint away from the Sultan's new oil rig. I went with expecting to have a good time playing with my new knife while picking fruits from one of his orchards but it seems that my little sister misconstrued what my mom said and had in turn misinformed about what we would be doing there.

Old KnifeOld Knife

KnifeCame with a sheath

Sigh... I really wanted to see how much more easily I could branches and fruits ala Zantetsuken with this one. And yes, with a fruit knife. I can go all Ryogi Shiki on your ass with a mere fruit knife. My Kendo training has engraved in me a key understanding in how to properly deliver a cut and slice through the head, wrist and bellies of my imaginary enemy. I've simply applied what I learned from that to fruit knives. Hopefully I'll get to try it out with an actual combat knife and a Katana in the future.

New knife. Also a fruit knife but no sheath.

A very nice fruit knife...

At any rate, it's a lot easier to slice through things than my old one but I really wanted to see how much farther I could take it in terms of severing organic material. Oh well. Hopefully I'll find an opportunity to try it out sometime soon. Here's a pic of a spot near the land. It was a picture perfect kind of scene but the camera we brought wouldn't let us take pictures because the battery was too low. And no, it's not what you think. I mean the camera wouldn't let us take pictures even though it was still on. What the hell were were the designers thinking when they put that function in? That's why all you get of the scene is this low quality pic from my phone.

It was B-E-A-Utiful

P.s. That leaving a new form bit in the title refers to the new contact form I left on my profile page. If you want to reach me privately, just go to my About Me page.

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