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Monday, 22 June 2009


I just came back from the Tutong hospital after taking my driving exam. I'm sure those of you who have been paying attention to the news should know that we are now on the list of countries with swine flu and that the swine flu patients are currently in the Tutong hospital. Unfortunately for me, I didn't realize that the patients were being quarantined there until this morning when I went to help bring my grandpa home and picked up yesterday's Borneo Bulletien. First thought in my head when I read that it was "FU*KING HELL!" followed by "Huh, I was right..." and then "Well that explains all those masks...". Basically I've been in the quarantine area for swine flu for the past few days and all the jokes I made about the second floor being sealed up due to swine flu came true. I even hurt my hand yesterday when I fell down yesterday (I slipped off a brick after I jumped a stream sized canal ditch twice without getting a scratch. Go figure.) and left the scrapes I got uncovered and let them scab over after I washed them. I have the most ridiculous timing... I should also probably stop saying these things because most of the 'cabul' jokes that I say usually come true.

Incidentally, it took me 12 days to complete my driving practical and written lessons and I just took the practical exam today. I am now waiting for my license to be finished in a week's time.

Here's been what's going on. On friday my grandpa was having gastritis and couldn't stop vomiting up mucus and food. So at 2 o'clock after friday prayers, me and my uncle sent him to the hospital. We arrived in the emergency room and I waited there with him until 6 when they moved him to a private room. I then proceeded to look after him until about 9 when the rest of my relatives came to see him. I continued to stay there until almost midnight where I followed my cousins back to my grandpa's house. Between then and 10 o'clock, me and my cousins walked around the hospital where it wasn't the least bit creepy. It's a hospital so by right it should be creepy at night but it's not. While we were walking around I noticed that the second floor was completely sealed off with those do not cross tapes. There even guards guarding the possible entries to the second floor and I even saw some patrolling the entire floor. I almost tried to sneak onto the floor when I saw the tapes but stopped when I was the guard sitting nearby almost out of view from the stairs.

The first swine flu patient arrived there on friday according to the newspaper so that means they quarantined the top floor, switched the directions on the ward guides and transferred in the patient without many people realizing it. People only started wearing those masks yesterday so these guys are pretty slick when it comes to crisis cases since most of them probably found out from the newspaper. I was there on saturday too from 4 till 10 and no one was wearing a mask meaning that they even kept most of the staff out of the loop.

I didn't go to the hospital yesterday so I don't know if that was when they transferred in the second swine flu patient they mentioned in todays paper. I didn't read the details but I saw the headline while I was buying pizza at the store on the ground floor right before I went back up to my grandpa's room. He was in the x-ray room at the time so I had to wait until he was done and after I went back up, I saw that yesterday's newspaper was in the pile of newspapers in the room. THAT's when I found out I was in a danger zone. I even noticed the lack of patients in the wards and all the people wearing masks but I thought that was because people knew about the swine flu patient and went back home just to be safe. I didn't think that the patient would be in that hospital and since friday at that. And later when I went down to send the first batch of my grandpa's stuff down to the entrance it seems that I just missed the new swine flu patients being sent in after I went back up again. I was wondering why so many of the doctors (wearing masks at that) were standing outside the labs and how come there were lots security guards coming in through the front. On top of that my grandpa was talking to my aunt about the swine flu quarantine and he corrected my aunt when she said 2 people. Turns out that there are 4 swine flu patients. The doctors must have told him while he was at the x-ray lab.

Basically I've been in an incredibly risky place for the past few days and I didn't realize it. I spent a total of 16 hours at the hospital, been there when possibly 3 of the patients were being brought in, had two uncovered scabbed scrapes on my left hand from falling down yesterday and even joked about swine flu at the place. I found it funny when Shaun from Shaun of the Dead was oblivious to the zombie outbreak when he went to the store as part of his morning routine but I was basically in the same situation over the past few days. I found that funny too, after I got over the initial surprise of course. I even laughed to myself for a bit at how ridiculous my situation was while I was walking up the stairs. No one was around so it was reasonably loud enough for it to be heard just around the stairs but no one saw or heard me when I did. And that was when I went to get my grandpa's things, probably just right when the new swine flu patients arrived.

I must either be the most fearless or the most insane person around in Brunei for being able to find myself in such a dangerous situation and simply laugh at myself. I guess this must mean a GAR or a badass point for me. I've made it a side goal to grow up as badass as I can be without trying too much. As evidenced by everyone else in the hospital, normal people would be freaked out just by knowing that they're that close to being infected. I on the other hand, had such a good laugh for being in an incredibly dangerous position that I am able to blog about this while grinning. I didn't even bother to ask for a mask for myself even though my grandpa was wearing one himself. It's no wonder why the nurse looked at me funny when I calmly asked her if the swine flu patient was really just a floor above me. I think I was smiling at the time too.

Ah well, that's it for this post. If I get swine flu I'll be sure to get someone to leave a message here if I things turn out badly to explain my lack of updates. Despite what my chances of getting are, I'm pretty sure I won't get it. Also, I managed to get my hands on the rick roll so I'll probably be rick rolling some people soon. Enjoy this cartoon from xkcd about swine flu. Hope the creator won't mind me hotlinking this one.


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