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Friday, 5 June 2009

Looking for Creativity

With my exams coming to a close in 5 more days, I am looking forward to all the free time I'll get back. Unfortunately for me though, I am running out of interesting manga to read since my ridiculously fast reading ability and manga reading software let me burn through chapters at almost unbelievable speeds. Want to know how unbelievably fast? I downloaded psyren last sunday because I say it had a high chapter count and interesting summary. I downloaded the first 48 chapters at mangatraders in 3 hours. I finished it all in one and a half. It was quite interesting too. Finished it up to 72 yesterday, in less than an hour I might add, and am now looking forward to next chapter. You should see how fast I go when I skim through stuff. I don't actually have an experience where I had to skim all that manga at once but I do remember opening 30+ tabs from the top manga list at manga updates and when I got around to reading them, I found 6 that were interesting based on their summary alone in a minute or two.

They say that 90% of any form of entertainment is crap. I wholeheartedly agree with that. What I basically did was that I've burned through so much manga that I have 100+ series waiting to be updated with new chapters and probably went through twice as many completed or oneshot stories which probably makes up 4% of the manga out there. There's still the 6% but it's going to be harder to find interesting ones now since my standards for good entertainment rise with time. I have found that quite a good portion of the new series coming out are interesting enough to satisfy my standards. Unfortunately though, they are NEW series so they just ADDED to my waiting list. What I need are series with a good number of chapters out and interesting ideas. I'd love it if there was an actual series like Otter 11 from Bakuman. It sounds like a very interesting read.

Just in case you're wondering what are the new manga I've went through in the past week, here's a list:
- Psyren
- Medaka Box
- Mel Kano
- Beelzebub
- Prunus Girl
- Manabiya
- Kampfer
- Kyoukai no Rinne
- Frogman
- Cage of Eden

I really like Medaka Box, Psyren, Prunus Girl and Kyoukai no Rinne. The great points about these manga are their characters and the set up behind their stories. Well not so much the set-up for medaka since I've gone through a bunch like it but the characters are very interesting. I particularly like that standing behind people gag that Medaka uses on people. It's been done in each chapter so far so hopefully there's going to be more the author can use that joke with.

So what am I going to do with my 2 week holiday? A number of things I can think of are building my Exia r2, 0 Gundam and their diorama during that time, watching the anime I've been meaning to get around to and quite possibly start a light novel-like series to post up on the internet. I already have a very interesting and suitable idea to use for the story and hopefully I'll either figure out how to draw or find an illustrator to help me with it. Look forward to that.

And to end this post I'll put up trailers for all three 20th century boys movies along with two great miku vids. I've been told by Rif that Chong Hock has the first movie so I'll most likely pick it up to watch during the holidays. I must say that they really did a good job with casting since all the actors look their part in there. I didn't think they'd be able to get people that look so much like Otcho, Fukubei and Sadakiyo from the manga.

Movie I -Descent

Movie II - Last Hope

Movie III - Last Chapter

Hidamari no Uta

10 no Yakusoku

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