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Friday, 19 June 2009

Eden of the East FULL OP

Eden of the East is a new 11 episode anime series that premiered almost 3 months ago as one of the new shows for the Spring 2009 anime season and will have two movie sequels to continue the story. It's animated by production I.G. and is directed and created by the guy who directed Ghost in the Shell and Blood the Last vampire. For those who don't know what that is, just know that they are great anime movies.

The series is broadcasted during the Noitamina broadcast block of Fuji which exists to make anime more mainstream in Japan. What do I mean by making anime more mainstream? Despite what many people think about anime and Japan, not everyone in Japan is into anime and the percentage those who do are about the same as with other countries. It is a common misconception made by most of the people who are aware of anime mainly because of how anime overshadows pretty much everything else japan is known for. Just because it came from Japan doesn't mean everyone over there likes it. However, it is getting more and more mainstream thanks to their otaku prime minister, comrade Taro Aso!

Anyways, back to Eden of the east. The main character is about a man called Takizawa Akira who has lost his memories and has a mysterious phone that contains roughly 82 Million US dollars charged into it. The phone is part of system of 12 people selected to save Japan callled the Selecao. These 12 people can ask for ANY task to be completed through their phones for a fee based on the difficulty of the task. Incidentally it'll cost less than 50 US cents to get the prime minister to say "Gyahun" or "Uncle" on television while about and about US$ 15,000 to have three people killed. Each of them is given US$100 Million to start with. The story is filled with a lot mysteries regarding the Selecao system, the Selecao and Takizawa Akira's true identity that slowly unfolds as the story progresses.

The opening song is Falling Down performed by Oasis. Yes, I do mean that british rock group Oasis. Sometimes western groups do have their songs used as anime opening and ending sequences. It is rare but it does happen. When I watched the opening for the first time I thought that the animation sequence and the song fit very well with a mystery series. As the series progresses you tend to notice the little hints that were put into the opening sequence to indicate how the story will turn out for the series. Aside from the original album that "Falling Down" was released in the band also released another album in japan containing the song with 3 other versions of the same song and another called "Those Swollen Hand Blues" in japan as the series' OP album. Also, the studio that's animating the series has also made an alternate Animated Music Video for the song and I find it to be so much cooler than the original video. Obviously it's best enjoyed in High Quality and Full Screen mode.

The Anime OP

The Original Music Video

The Animated Music Video Made by Production I.G.

I personally find this series to be the best one of the current season. With the great build up, the amazing ideas and how they are used in the story, I can't but help think that this will most likely get a live movie adaptation. I am certain that by the end of the story, I will say that it is the best mystery story I've ever experienced. Unfortunately though, the last episode was broadcasted yesterday so we don't get to find out what happens next until November when Eden of the East I: King of the East premiers. Then we'll have to wait till January for Eden of the East II: Paradise Lost to see how the story will all end.

NEC have made this awesome phone. Unfortunately it is locked to a specific provider there. Hopefully a hacked version of the phone will become available overseas.

P.s. It does not come with the 10 Billion Yen you want it to.

That really happens to me a lot when I talk to girls.

There is a reason why he is naked. There should also be a reason why 9000 NEETs were naked on a cargo ship in the 10th episode. Still don't know what that is though.

Great phrase. DID NOT know it was from the bible until I read something on a forum.

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