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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Manga Review: Puchi Houndo


Title: Puchi Houndo
Author: Neko Neko
Release: Monthly
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Art: B
Originality: C
Story: C
Characters: C
Humor: C
Action: C

Impression: This is the story of a guy who comes to attend this government academy that trains demon hunters so he can get certified as one. However, he arrives too early on the first day so he decides to wander around in the woods to hunt down demons for money to pass time but finds human-like dog demon girl wearing his school's uniform. He wonders whether to shoot it or not but then that demon girl's friend swoops in to protect her. It's not a very original series and the rest of it is rather mediocre. Action scenes don't feel exciting and the story's pacing is a bit too complacent for one trying to involve secret groups and hidden controversies in the ways of the hunting demons. It's not really worth hunting down this manga either as I think it to be too generic to live up to its potential.

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