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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Manga Review: Rozen Maiden


Title: Rozen Maiden
Author: Peach Pit
Release: Monthly
Status: Finished/Sequel
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life
Art: B
Originality: A
Story: B
Characters: S
Humor: B
Action: B

Impression: This is the story of a shut-in who one day receives a mysterious Victorian styled doll that he soon finds out is one of 7 legendary dolls that are alive and compete to become the perfect girl for their creator. Though that’s the setup here, the manga focuses more on slice of life moments rather than this conflict. The characters are quite interesting and their interactions with each other make the slice of life moments a joy to read. The dolls have their own uniquely amusing personalities but the main character is no slouch either as he gradually gets over his trauma and develops as a person so the story isn’t just about the dolls. If I had to guess what the leitmotif of this series was, it’d have to be that people should not be bound to their labels and that they should work their hardest to make the best out of every day. The manga was cancelled due to a dispute with the publishers but the story was continued in the form of a sequel in another magazine.

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