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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Manga Review: Evangelion RE-TAKE


Title: Evangelion RE-TAKE
Author: Studio Kimigabuchi
Release: Doujin
Status: Finished
Genre: Seinen, Sci-Fi, Doujinshi
Art: B
Originality: A
Story: S+
Characters: S
Humor: B
Action: S

Impression: This is what has come to be known as the BEST Evangelion doujinshi of all time for its amazing storyline and characterization that matches and builds on the original flavor of the original series. The mind-screw is not quite up to snuff of the original series but that is more than made up for(In spades I might add) with its masterful storytelling, captivating characterisation and spectacularly powerful scenes. In five short but incredible volumes, the story surpasses the original epic in the best ways and ends it in such a way that it provides a perfect way to explain all the different adaptations of the story, both canon and fanmade. It is a highly satisfying read that makes you wish they continued it even further but alas the perfection that is its ending is not easily topped. There is a soundtrack for it and an extra epilogue volume but the focus of that volume is different in a way, not quite as satisfying but it does add a nicely done layer to complement its prequels. In short, this is absolutely and undeniably a must read for every Evangelion fan out there.

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