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Thursday, 18 September 2008

School Holidays...

The time when I can sleep in on weekends, laze around all day, eat all I want(At least after Ramadhan’s over) and have full access to clean working toilets. Yup, holidays are the perfect for spending the month of Ramadhan. Although, I honestly didn’t realize that we’d be having our school holidays until it was five days before they started.

I do notice that I have a problem during holidays though. Because of my own bathroom’s shower heater’s state of disrepair, I am forced to use the guest bathroom downstairs for hot showers. This wouldn’t be happening if I didn’t enjoy hot showers so much. The reason for the broken shower heater is not because I accidentally fell down and pulled off the damn thing but rather it’s because there was this one time about two months ago where I was in the mood for a really hot shower. I think that might have been because I was stuck inside of cold rooms and cars for a large duration of that day. Five minutes into the shower, I still felt that it wasn’t warm enough so I turned it up higher and higher until it was all the way to the highest heat setting. In ten minutes time, I was enjoying this relaxingly hot shower with the bathroom so full of steam that I could barely see the upper part of the room(The windows were closed). Soon after that, I heard this pop sound behind me where the heater was and I noticed the light that showed it was on was now off. I decided to stop my shower at that point. It was pretty cool to watch all that steam float into my room like fog does. I noticed that my skin seemed to have become slightly reddened from the heat. As for how hot the shower was exactly, it was a bit hotter than the 71’C water I dipped my fingers into during a biology practical I had. I do Adlan saying that it was too hot for him to touch. It was either him or Nash that said he preferred cold showers over hot ones.

Anyway, thanks to that, I can only take cold showers in my bathroom, usually at night. Thanks to my new schedule of taking hot showers in the mornings and cold ones at night, I can take both handle both temperatures quite well. Unfortunately, that seems to have given my body the lizard-like tendency to heat up my body after I wake up otherwise I’d feel very cold during the day inside air-conditioned rooms even if they aren’t at the coolest setting. My normal body temperature’s also low enough to be a symptom of hypothermia so it’s probably a good thing for me to take hot showers.

The dilemma I’m facing is that, now that I can sleep in during the holidays, I’m more inclined to take cold showers in the mornings too since I really don’t feel like going through all the extra effort of bringing down my clothes, towel and toothbrush. Also it seems that taking cold showers slows down my metabolism enough for me to feel full by the time it’s time to break the fast so that would be plus for now. This does make me wonder why is it despite me having a metabolism fast enough for me to never gain more weight than a kilogram for at most a few hours that I have this low body temperature. I seriously eat almost enough for two people. Logically, my body’s burning through a lot of calories so my normal body temperature should at least be at 36’C but somehow it’s churning out only enough heat to keep it in the range of 35.3’C to 35.8’ from day to night. It does go as high as 36.3’C after hot showers though. Come to think of it I only see the thermometer read 36.8’C(The average body temperature of most humans) when I have a fever.

Well that’s it on showers. Please do vote on the poll I have put up in the sidebar.

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