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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Gundam Issues

I got so sidetracked in my last post that I forgot to post up the images of the gundam model kit that I wanted to buy and the ones I bought instead. I also neglected to mention the fact that the upcoming Gundam 00 PS2 game comes out on the 16th next month, twelve days after the premier of the second season of the anime.

This is the model that I ordered but was sold out, the 1/100 scale Avalanche Exia:

Here are the models I bought instead, 1/100 scale Sniping Gundam Dynames and a 1/144 scale Grunt GN-X:

Bandai’s really been stepping things up with the latest season’s model kits. Even the pictures for the 144 model kits look amazing. Even the science and design of the mechas are practical in combat and much more realistic compared to previous models. I still gripe about the Wing Zero and Freedom gundams’ wings being too heavy to have them stand on their own. I will post up pictures of the ones I’ve built after I finish building these two in the future totaling up my remaining gunpla models up to 11. I’ve built over 30 of these things in total starting from since I was seven. I was only a kid back then so my dad helped with building that 1/100 scale Double X gundam model.

He let me do it my own the second time with a 1/100 scale Zeta gundam (I think it was Zeta. It was blue and had full armor) equipped with this blue METEOR/GN-ARMS-like addition to it that had a core fighter in it. Any gundam model kit hobbyist would tell you it’s a bad idea to leave something like that in the hands of a child. I guess I must have been so good at building it the first time that my dad saw no need to help me with it. Most of the ones I’ve built have been destroyed in the hands of younger relatives until I realized that I should have placed them on higher shelves. It’d be nice if that upcoming cosplay event in December also includes a gundam exhibition. That would most likely get the shops to understand that no true gundam fan would prefer knock-offs over the real thing. The knock off parts don’t even fit properly. Look down to see what I mean.

This is a knock off that my brother bought and built.

This is a genuine product that I bought and built.

Unless you are a person with zero talent at recognizing art, you should be able to tell which of them is of better quality. While they aren’t of the same model, they are both 1/144 scale models so there’s no point for any knock off supporters to use that to counter my point. That is if such people do exist.

So far, I am only aware of one shop at the Tutong Petani Mall that still sells the original models despite the very limited stock. They even sell Code Geass Lancelot Knighmare Frames there. A friend of mine actually thanked me for giving him the information that led to the construction of his F91 1/100 scale model. Shame there weren’t any models I liked there. The price for a 1/144 scale was pretty damn high too. Although, with how high the shipping cost for my orders might be considering Khai's shipping cost being 2700 Yen for his 1/60 Exia, that does seem somewhat reasonable if they ordered online.

To anyone in Brunei that intends on hosting a genuine gundams only exhibition in Brunei, know that I am behind you 100% and also willing to lend my models for such a purpose.

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  1. I seen your gundams you can put them in a lower shelf but how about telling your dad to put some plastic box to cover up the gundams,and yu can use paper draw some grass or planes and put the on the chelif with the gundams.


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