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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Omegle Trolling 1

Feeling a bit of burn out from translating so I decided to go troll people on Omegle. I've come up with quite a good number of interesting chats with random people through there and have convinced so many people of things so ridiculous that they just can't be real. Let me share with you the five I came up with today.

Dying Agent

Murder Confession

How do I do this?

ginpyt esreveR

How to lose an omegler in two words

I would have tried to make some more interesting ones but I kept getting delayed messages and server disconnection messages for some reason. I did have this one chat with a korean schoolgirl as a rather ridiculous character who dealt with porno-loving catholics but she took me seriously and I ended up with a serious chat that just would be just sad to show. Sigh~

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