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Friday, 9 January 2009

School and my new Astraea and 00 Raiser

School's started up again and damn it really feels different this year compared to before. It's not just the knowledge that this will be my last year in school, the disappearing act that most of the guys take 5 minutes before classes start is very odd. It's weird seeing so many people move all at once to get to class early. I guess the UIC people made a pact or something before school started because when I talked about it with those who weren't members, we all thought that it was weird. I even heard some girls talk about this strange change in their daily migration and they were just as perplexed as I was. Seriously, it's quite unnerving.

With the new year came a change in my line-up of teachers. Everyone except Cikgu Farid got replaced and all of them have different teaching methods from their predecessors. It's nice to have a change of pace, hopefully they won't want to have regular extra classes this year.

Yesterday had a pleasant surprise for me as they reanimated the anime club from its death at the closing ceremony of 2005. I wanted to spend my CCA periods this year with something relaxing so I chose this. I'm sure I'm going to be very busy this year so having 1.5 hours of school time to spend on one of my hobbies seemed like a smart idea.

As you can tell by the title of this post, I have finally acquired my much long awaited 00 raiser set and it does not disappoint. It was only days before that I also got Astraea in Miri and both of them prove to be very well designed. I was quite amazed to see that all the Boulevard stores in Miri werenow selling gundams as well, including the latest models. One even had a display case to show what some of the models looked like when they're finished. After seeing that, my desire to buy an avalanche exia has plunged because of the clumsily designed GN buster sword. My next one will probably be a GN ARMS Type E, Gadessa or 1/100 Cherudim along with a set of Gundam Markers.

The Astraea is quite amazing. The design actually a lot more futuristic than exia which is somewhat annoying considering that Exia is the suit's successor. The GN Sword its armed with is also a lot cooler than exia's one and its leg's a very flexible. I can even put it int a split pose.

My 00 Raiser set box was goddamned (I payed 20 dollars more than i had to initially because of the damn economic crisis) expensive but it was more than worth it. It came with three things: The 00 Gundam, The 0 Raiser and the limited edition Sparkling Green Celestial Being display stand. It also came with a catalog for upcoming models. The entire set is amazingly detailed and every this fits perfectly. It's also capable of some awesome poses even when the 00 gundam isn't docked with the 0 Raiser. I take pride in knowing that I may very well be the only person in Brunei to own this model. I do have a problem with joints in the GN Drives' attached parts though. They can't maintain holding up the docked Raiser wings without drooping down so I'll have to modify it somehow to increase the friction.

All of my 1/100 scale 00 models

To end this I'll leave you with a pic of the recently announced 11th incarnation of the doctor. Personally, I think this guy looks damn creepy in that pose and it really makes me wonder what the series is going to be like in the fifth season. He's a much better choice than David Morrisey though, Steven Moffat "blown away" by his audition so that's good. With a doctor who reminds me of Voldemort and the guy who came up with some of the creepiest monsters in doctor who as the new executive producer, the fifth season is probably going to scare away a lot of kids. Looking forward to it in 2010.

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