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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Supercell Stowaways Tribute Album

Not too long ago a bunch of different vocaloid composers decided to make a tribute to Supercell's original debut album and make one of their own based on it and individually remix all the original songs with their own touches. That tribute album was released at Comiket 79 around two weeks ago and these are those remixes. They're all nicely done and a few have actually outdone the original versions.

Love is War by マチゲリータ.

This was already an awesome song and this remix made it even more so. This version sounded even more like declaration of war than the original did. I actually felt the urge to rise up and kick ass in the last quarter of the song when those incredible guitar rifts kicked in. This could really go well if someone used in a MAD.

Heartbreaker by 梨本うい

Certainly an improvement over the original but not by much.

Melt by cosMo (暴走P).

This one was really interesting and not just because of how much cheerier and girlier it sounded. At first I thought he used Len to replace Miku in the song using the original lyrics which were meant to be sung by a girl but turns out it was Luka. Given how some composers make him crossdress in some PVs it really made me wonder to myself why no one's done it yet given the rise of the trap trend in Japan. That seriously would make for an interesting PV and I suspect that if someone actually were to make it Kaito would probably be in for a big surprise at the end of it.

Black Rock Shooter by minato(流星P)

For most parts it sounded about the same but some of it sounded grander than the original.

Kurukuru Mark no Sugoi Yatsu by ゆよゆっべ

I don't think I've ever heard the original version but this is a nice rock song.

Line by ジミーサムP

It's okay. Didn't particularly care for the original version either.

World is Mine by Dixie Flatline

Easily the best remix of the album! The extended prologue and all the other additions to the song really made Miku sound even more like a Diva here. The original version made her sound like a spoiled girl used to getting her way but this one made her sound like a princess who's being coy with you about what she wants and knows it. I'd love to see how this version would do with a PV.

When Love Ends for the First Time by doriko

This version's nice and all but it makes it sound like Miku's fondly reminiscing about her first break up which is kinda weird.

Liar's Parade by 小林オニキス

This is much mellower than the original's rocking version but I quite like both of them.

Sono Ichibyou no Slow Motion by KNOTS

The original was much more upbeat than this version so while this one's good I like the original version better.

Hinekuremono by トラボルタ

I remember this being a bit of drag while I played it on Project Diva. This version reminds me of a rather moving arrangement Saihate that fit the lyrics better.

Matane by ichi (BaguettesEnsemble)

Rather than a remix of the original Matane this was more like a completely new medley since the original version was only a 42 second farewell to the listener. Didn't really care for this so called "remix".

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