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Friday, 30 November 2007

Manga Review Directory

This is the directory for my manga reviews. Only genres that I have reviews for will be put up here. For now it will direct you to all the manga review posts under these genres but in the future I will include recommendations, adapted series, publishing format, special tags(NFSW, LOLWUT, etc.) and series status into the mix. Hopefully this will be of use to you.

My idea of an adventure manga is one where the author uses multiple locations throughout their manga instead of basing it around just one place.

Obviously I'll be referring to manga that use humour as one of its main selling points.

Manga which with fanservice as one of its major selling points. To qualify for this it'd pretty much have to have some for of fanservice on a frequency of every other page.

This is a rather vague genre for me but usually I mean manga where the world is alternate version of ours and there is some sort of magical or technological difference that plays a big role in the deviation between the two worlds. A small aspect like a publicly secret form of magical arts don't usually count as fantasy for me.

Gender Bender
Obviously manga featuring the idea of characters' gender being blurred or swapped for one reason or another.

Manga where the main character has a bunch of girls competing for his attention. Usually the traditional form of many girls chasing after one guy, most with an almost equal chance of catching the guy but sometimes it's the other way around.

Anything that is aimed at scaring or mentally scarring its readers. Mind screws might also count.

Love Comedy
Basically a mix of comedy and romance but with the mood being light about 90% of the time instead of characters being introspective about their relationships.

Mahou Shoujo
Manga where girls gain magical powers and possibly familiars that force them into the job of cleansing the world of evils and such. Other times its a parody of the concept when it's beind played straight.

Manga featuring humongous robots fighting and generally causing millions in property damage.

Manga with a mystery like conspiracies or crimes as the focus.

Manga where the aspects of human behaviour is featured as part of the story.

Manga focusing on the relationships between the main character and their partner. Main character can either be a girl or a guy and the mood becomes serious 50% of the time. Crosses over with Shoujo many times considering which demographic usually enjoys romances.

Manga featuring a lot futuristic technological advancements in the story. Usually the focus is some piece of technology that causes an event or something.

Manga aimed at older men featuring lots of mature and dark themes. Can seem similar to Shonen at times but in these cases people die or suffer horribly amidst the fighting.

By this I mean manga aimed at young boys with lots of flashy things guys will like. Most of the time I'll be using this to refer to manga featuring lots of battles but not always.

Manga aimed at girls. Usually romances, done from the main character's point of view and featuring girls as the main character most of the time.

Slice of Life
Manga where the characters are found doing "everyday" stuff and using them as part of their jokes. Note the inverted commas because I don't specifically mean stuff everybody does but rather stuff a certain group of somewhere does everyday.

Manga where sports is the driving force of the story. Normally about a group of kids or teenagers aiming for a championship of some sort. Martial arts also count here.

Manga where ghosts and demons are featured in them. Will cross with Fanstasy at times.

Stories with girls falling in love with one another.

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